Welcome to Wongaland

By the way, I enjoyed Brian Wilson in the Scotsman today. He really does provide an alternative viewpoint missing from elsewhere. I find it helps me to understand what Unionists see when they look at Scotland and why they work so hard against their own country becoming self-standing like everybody else. But when Brian tries to tie the Debt Monster tag round the SNP’s neck, even I sense we’re moving into propaganda territory. Rather than delve into the detail where the Unionists want to keep the debate, I’ll take the chicken way out and invite you to click here for the real cause of debt in Britain. http://www.nationaldebtclock.co.uk

Happy counting…

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0 thoughts on “Welcome to Wongaland

  1. On a roll today. Dynamic Brian Wilson, my ass!

  2. Derek, that’s a terrifying clock. Every Scot should be made to watch it for a couple of seconds.

  3. Let’s hope the post independence negotiations determine that Scotland is a new state that can’t be in a currency union with England and we can just walk away and leave them to it.
    If we end up paying back our share of the debt (assuming we agree that it is shared) in the way we currently do,then we will need to be able to put the brakes on Westminster borrowing to prevent what we owe being increased as well (can’t see them ever agreeing to us having that sort of veto).
    That would probably put paid to Borisland and High Speed rail.
    It would be nice to reduce our share of their debt by trading off shared assets against it but at the rate they are selling off the family silver,there might not be too much left to haggle over.
    Going entirely our own way is looking increasingly attractive.
    Thanks Derek.

  4. I still dont understand why anyone pays for any story from Brian wilson (he was useless as an MP has absolutely no credibility on any subject or moral stance and he even gets paid buy less credible Uni’s for his services to indoctrinate hapless students of questionable degrees). The guy would not know how to write anything on any subject in apragmatice sense there is always an agenda and it usually involves Brian’s, Labour’s, Celtic’s, the nuclear industry advantage or betterment financially.

    He’s not even a humourous hack, he’s a complete irrelevance and a dinosaur from yesteryear who holds no currency on any subject of today.

  5. Following independence the tallying up of financial liabilities will be interesting.It is to be hoped that Nicola Sturgeon is in the negotiating team. Lets start with past infrastructure spending in London. Then Scotland’s net tax contributions over decades. A sort of balance sheet, money in money out debt negotiation.

  6. I’ve recently been suggesting that perhaps reality in the world now is that if you’re armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, debt is of little consequence. Big boys in the playground take your dinner money, what you gonna do? Tell the teacher? What if the teachers are in on it?

  7. Those national debt clocks could be renamed “national non-government net savings clocks” and they would still be 100% accurate, and representative of exactly the same thing. They are meant to scare you into accepting austerity. I sincerely hope that in an independent Scotland, policy decisions will be made on the basis of an enlightened and rational understanding of government finances and the role of the national debt. It’s only real purpose is to provide a savings vehicle (read: a risk-free annuity, ie corporate welfare) to the private sector. After all, every penny lent (or paid in taxes) to the government makes its way into private sector pockets via government spending in the first place – it can’t come from anywhere else. “Lending” to the government is just a way for banks and big businesses to earn interest on money that accrues to them as savings when the government deficit spends.

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