Quick Questions

Questions for Alistair Carmichael

Will the British government today categorically rule out a deal in which an independent Scotland continues to use sterling?

Will the British government guarantee today that everyone in the UK will receive a living old age pension after a No vote?

Can the British government guarantee that the UK will continue in membership of the European Union after 2015?

Will you insist that the British government, representing the member state, asks the EU institutions in Brussels for guidance on how they will respond to Scotland’s membership after a yes vote

Can you guarantee there will be no repeat of the financial crisis and no future bail-out of irresponsible banks?

Can you state without qualification that no British warships will be built in an independent Scotland?

Can you guarantee there will be a proportionately representative parliament – both houses – for the British people after a No vote?

Will anybody ever vote Liberal Democrat again?





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0 thoughts on “Quick Questions

  1. My question is why is there a media blackout over the failure of some SLAB MPs to vote against the Bedroom Tax last night? I think there was 11 in all, including yes you guessed it Anas Sarwar. After his recent performance against Sturgeon in STV’s debate, how can this guy escape the MSM’s attention? We all know what the reaction and coverage of the media in Scotland would be if the SNP’s MPs had not voted against the Bedroom Tax…

    • Have to agree with you Muttley, haven’t heard a mention of this on any news outlets. Think we might have proof of how biased the media is towards Scotland becoming a country which governs itself. Gee what is wrong with these people, have they no pride, do they really think “We are too wee, too poor, and too stupid”? I know we can be better than this, let’s go for it!

  2. Will Carmichael answer Muttleys question?

    • And when does he anticipate sacking himself? “the job of Secretary of State for Scotland is a job waiting to be abolished” recognize that statement Alistair?

  3. The MSM are getting so predictable these days. The Daily Record named a few MP’s who didn’t vote but they were obscure ones who most people will not have heard of. There was no mention of Jim Murphy or Anas Sarwar? (But then I can see why someone would not want to mention those two). Anyway, to sum up – if all the Labour MP’s had bothered to turn up and vote for their own motion the bedroom tax would now have been on the way out. But they didn’t which I find completely inexcusable and totally unforgiveable. For that reason we are all now legitimately entitled to call it ‘Labours Bedroom Tax’!

  4. They don’t like it up em captain!

  5. I must need an anger management course – there are so many unionist scum trough feeders that I would love to take a swing at…

    • Steady please.…words like scum sit uneasily without humour around them and hints of violence without irony aren’t good either. Thank you.

      • So you’re reading BTL Derek. So what do you think about the BBC blackout of the Labour voting turnout for their own bedroom tax motion? To be fair it wasn’t just the BBC.

      • Apologies DB – the constant moans, evasions and downright lies from the ‘Dependenistas” just got to me yesterday. We really do need a readily available hard copy news source with guys like you telling the truth about what is going on.

  6. “Get me Anas Sarwar on the phone”. “Hi Anas, Sandy here, you know, Secretary of State for we proud Scots. listen I’ve just had some shit stirring twat e-mail me a list of questions on politics, if I send you on a copy could you advise on how to body swerve with confusing responses. I mean your first rate at that kind of stuff. Well done with the outcome on the bedroom tax motion last night, close run but you won through,masterly.Where did dine out last night? Wouldn’t have been too smart to hang around the Club diners in HOC eh?”.

  7. Derek – will you continue to insist that BBC Scotland is not biased after ignoring the SLABs who didn’t vote against the “bedroom tax”?

  8. Murrens’ comment didn’t seem too bad. He simply said he wanted to go to a swingers party, sorry Tommy, be smeared in scum, and have folk feed off his naked erse.
    Isn’t that normal Tory entertainment?
    Aah! He forgot the Satsuma taped in the mouth.

  9. cynicalHighlander

    Will anybody ever vote Liberal Democrat again?

    Not if they have a moral conscience.

  10. Are We navel gazing and preaching to the converted here? It needs more than self satisfied whitabootaries in a like minded forum and then feel satisfied that we have done “Oor bit”. Sorry folks the naw machine gangs intae tap gear. I love Derek’s blogs and he elequantly states the Yes campaign better than I ever could but please get the word out there

  11. Mr Carmichael wants the SNP to make clear it’s plans as to how it’ll deal with situation where RUK refuses single currency agreement. Why can’t he and Mr Dave clear up the issue by confirming whether they’ll agree to such an agreement- the need for answers cuts both ways surely

    • And how will the decision be any of Alistair Carmichael’s business post a no vote?
      as he will certainly get his most fervent wish, now where’s the nearest pound store?

  12. Will some Westminster muppet guarantee that Scotland will not be allowed to use sterling in the event of a yes vote. The governor of Scotland should manage that guarantee.

  13. I’m with muttley79 too.

    Where are the difficult questions for the Labour party (mostly in Scotland)?

    Where were they all? Why didn’t they vote? And as for Sarwar, I daren’t speak, given you’ve already told murren59 off for a fairly mild post….

    Where the tough questioning of Lamont about the Falkirk fiasco? Where the F is JL anyway? Do we pay her to turn up once a week in Holyrood and shout abuse? Where indeed the tough questioning of her boss? The one who isn’t run by the unions.

    Where the tough questioning of Davidson over his abandoning (for want of a better word) of the workers in his patch? And the bayoneting of the wounded? And the ‘doing’? Lots of awkward questions he could be asked.

    Where the tough questions for Stephen Purcell?

    Oh, yeah, I forgot, We have an impartial press in Scotland. Thank Tim for the internet!

  14. Well,I agree with some that Labour are saving the Bedroom Tax for a meaningless manifesto pledge in the next Westminster election which is why they allowed their motion to fail.
    Will the British government guarantee that our human rights will be sustained following a No vote?
    I think the answer to that is probably…maybe,possibly depending on how much value electors in England place on the UKIP party.
    So much uncertainty,it’s hard to know what to do or not do.

  15. Derek,you are absolutely right that we need to inject some humour into the debate,Scots like that.
    Please keep it up (I am not suggesting this article was intended to be humorous).

  16. Oh Derek, you are ruthless……..love it mate.

    Kindest regards,

    David Milligan Lvss

  17. Thanks a million Derek. Those list of questions sound exactly like a script from your halcyon days on Radio Scotland on a Saturday and Sunday morning.

    I really miss your show as I drive to work on a Saturday morning and whilst breakfasting on a Sunday morning. I particularly enjoyed those obscure European academics you dug up to refute the outrageous lies of Wastemonster. It was all Guys Van Patsi from Leeuwarden Polytechnic telling us ‘of course Scotland will automatically be a member of the EU’. Great times.

    BBC Radio is boring now we have big Kenny as the only polemicist fronting the news reviews shows at the weekend. Ever fancy going back as a guest?

  18. Grahamski does sarcasm, classy. Any thoughts on your mob not turning up to vote on their own motion?

  19. Sarcasm? Me?
    Not on your nelly!
    I meant every word.
    I was (and indeed am) one of Derek’s biggest fans!
    OK, many of his broadcasts were no more than him singing Flower Of Scotland for an hour.
    But what a voice….

  20. The party line from Labour will be that their hardworking MPs were paired with Tories or Liberals, but this pairing system is itself part of the problem with the dysfunction inherent in Westminster. If Labour refused to participate in the pairing scheme, they could make the work of the Government very difficult, but they have had decades to do so and never bothered to upset the apple cart or challenge the rules of the club in the interests of the public. I can’t be bothered to mention the likes of Sarwar, other than say that his Labour Party is a very different one from the one my parents and grandparents invested their hopes and trust in.

  21. ‘Any thoughts on your mob not turning up to vote on their own motion?’

    Quickly opens SLAB ‘Whit tae dae when we’ve ****ed up’ manual (greasy and well thumbed), get under the duvet, fingers in ears, ‘lalalalalalalalalalalalala’.

  22. Doh, just watched Newsnicht, so now understand your post. Quite amusing interview really, and in fact your question number one was actually asked by Gordon Brewer. The answer, according to Alistair, is that ruling out a currency union now ‘would bring howls of protest from the nationalists’!

    So now we know. Ruling out a currency union would upset us. Even (gasp) GB called it pathetic.

  23. I thought Mr Carmichael was meant to be yer actual politically combative type. Too many blows to the head perhaps? Looked way out of his depth even on friendly territory. GB was left with little choice but to give him a hard time. Mind you in a week where a great deal of the meat surrounding his recent rhetoric was neatly skewered, he didn’t stand much of a chance from the get go.

  24. Is there not a political post where the person could represent Scotland at Westminster? Where they could in the best interests of giving the people in Scotland some clarification and confirmation that Scotland will not be allowed to use the pound ?
    That chappie the Secretary of State for Portsmouth as I heard him described, could he not step up and take over the role?
    After all Better Together keep asking for answers and that would in fairness allow them to get the answer straight from the horses mouth and inform the public directly and save all that energy and they TV appearances pleading with the nats to tell them ?
    Plus think of the good it would do for dentistry? You could go back to watching telly without having to grind your teeth.

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