Making it up? Me?

I was just listening to the six o clock news and was gasping in amazement at the brass neck of our betters in Westminster…two news items whose hypocrisy quotient was hitting 100.

First we were told that Brussels believes Britain’s case for mounting a campaign against economic immigrants was in breach of EU rules because no evidence had been produced to justify treating them differently from UK citizens…they don’t come here to take advantage of lax benefits rules and they contribute more in tax than they claim in benefit. The EU has been asking for three years to see evidence of the UK Government’s concern. None is forthcoming. That’s because there is none. Their campaign is race-based and plays to the bigots in the London media and the UKIP gang. But what I loved was the “Who Me?” reaction of the government. “Are you accusing us of making it up,” they asked. Good heavens, no, old boy. Certainly nobody in Scotland could think you ever made it up. Although a Mr Moore, a chartered accountant in the Borders, did say he wondered if it might be possible. You don’t think any member of the UK government has made up stories about Scotland, do you?

They were caught bang to rights lying – yes, lying – in order to treat foreigners as spongers. What a despicable racist crew they are.  And how ironic that the same people bombarding the Scottish Government with demands for answers, are revealed to have none themselves when asked by the EU…


Then we heard how mighty Britain’s stance against free borders in the Schengen Agreement was being compromised because…because free-spending Chinese tourists want in and have money to burn. So the great principle of standing up to those nasty European foreigners who want  free borders – and of course preventing free movement for the Scots who will find England erecting a border after independence – simply evaporates as soon as someone points out there’s some dosh in it.

 Brave Dave does it again…chickens out when the going gets tough or when someone flashes the cash. Principles are clearly for suckers. The message of course is that after a Yes vote the same weakness will be exposed and the brave talk of no defence contracts, no sterling, no friends and no support will collapse at the first wave of a Saltire in his face.

We now know what he learned at Eton…stand up and stand proud – until somebody says Boo then get down on one knee, tug the forelock and put out the begging bowl. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Irish – with their free travel zone in the UK – China – with their American Express card tourists – or the Scots with their independence. Brave Dave may be the Prime Minister of the diminishing UK but his real job is the Master of Bluster

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0 thoughts on “Making it up? Me?

  1. Does anyone remember a photograph taken before the last UK General Election?
    It showed Mandelson, Osbourne and Rothschild on a motor cruiser in the Med.
    That was future policy being discussed. There is only one UK party, The Westminster Money Party.

  2. I watched the reports from China as the Osbourne and Buffoon roadshow marched on. Boris going on about Harry Potter’s first girlfriend was a Chinese exchange student, therefore they should all come and spend their money in the UK.

    It would have been more dignified to give that pair of roasters a couple of begging bowls and a placard each saying ‘please help, our plebs are skint’

    Then there is Ed Davey, jumping around like an excited bairn at Christmas. The energy minister says there is going to be big news as the Chinese will apparently be stepping in to fund the new nuclear power plant in Somerset, Hinckley Point. Personally I would be hanging my head in shame to be involved in a government that cannot meet the basic requirements of supplying power to their citizens.

  3. You just them a couple of kicks where it hurts! They deserve it.
    Keep on posting these little gems.

  4. Missed the news , was this 6pm BBC Scotland ? (Haha ha ha )

  5. Will watch it on catch-up. Good to see you enjoying your retirement. You mentioned Neal Ascherson, I expect to see you at a Bus Party event, make sure you let us know.

  6. Derek I realise this is way off topic but could you please give us your opinion on those unnamed sources or as there often called someone high up in the party/organisation?

    I think it might be interesting.

  7. Wasn’t Gideon doing exactly the same thing in India a few months back? We must stop thinking of China as a sweatshop….we must stop thinking of India as a low-cost producer….what a patronising little prick he is!! It’s like coming up to Scotland and saying we must stop thinking of Scotland as a feckless, alcoholic drug-addled backwater, or going to Germany and saying we must stop mentioning the war.

    Him and the buffoon will be being frisked by each hotel when they leave.

  8. My goodness man, calm down.

    All this frothing at the mouth isn’t good for you and is unseemly in a man of your years.

    If you’ve only just figured out that the BBC don’t report that the Tories are guilty of doubletalk and are guilty of pandering to their more (ahem) ‘enthusiastic’ elements then you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

    That you then indulge in the same kind of crypto-racist nonsense playing to the prejudices of the more (ahem) ‘enthusiastic’ elements of nationalism is as dispiriting as it is unsurprising.

    To those of us left cold by identity politics and unimpressed by grievance and girn, the howls of UKIP and the whining of the SNP are pretty much two sides of the same coin. They are the same petty, vindictive folk, resentful of their neighbours, jealous of others and forever blaming somebody else.

    That the so-called debate on Scottish separation from the UK is heading towards a petty Grievance Fest is the least surprising thing about this whole dreary process.

    The most surprising thing is how quickly Mr Bateman has picked up his virtual claymore and laid down his sense of persepective – he is fast becoming cybernattery’s very own Colonel Kurtz…

    • ‘frothing at the mouth ‘, ‘ grievance and girn’, ‘whining’, ‘petty, vindictive folk’, ‘resentful’, ‘jealous’, ‘forever blaming somebody else’.

      Kudos, you’ve pretty much summed up SLAB there.

    • Petty, vindictive, resentful, jealous, blaming somebody else, grievance fest, dreary process… isn’t that what happened in Falkirk recently between two Labour factions?

    • * YAWN * – will someone kick the record player, it’s stuck again.

    • Grahamski me old mucker, you are mistaking people wanting to take responsibility for Scotland running its own affairs with blaming somebody else. Independence is by definition taking responsibility for the running of Scotland into our own hands. It is the Unionists who are running away from taking responsibility. Why is this? It is only by voting Yes next year that Scotland will mature, take responsibility for its own problems and flaws, and to build a state that the current British one simply cannot, and will not, construct.

      • If only that was the case my dear Mr Muttley.

        Have a read at the comments above mine: these are not the words of a confident people who care only of our country’s bright future, it is the bile of people poisoned by their own hatred.

        Scotland – and this debate – deserves better.

    • Hang on Grahamwhatever – Derek has pointed out quite clearly that the UK government is playing at hate politics – demonising a minority to curry favour.. We’ve seen this before – we’ve been taught since childhood to beware of this – we all should know where this path can lead… And your response is what??? To call Derek a whinger? That’s it? Really??? Do you agree with what the UK government is doing – you must do – why else are you so keen to defend it’s indefensible actions!! Just what the hell kind of a person does that make you?

      • Where have I defended the UK government’s indefensible actions?

        A bizarre accusation.

      • DaveO, I feel you’re being a little hard on Grahamwhatever. Compared to some of his previous interventions (particularly the Scotsman, as I recall) his posts on Derek Bateman Broadcaster have been much more gentle and considered. I wonder if he is having a change of heart? A little like Michael Portillo did after he was kicked out of office (boo!) and became, for all intents and purposes, a human being once more (hoorah!) Of course, it may just be the friendlier typeface his posts appear in on here, but I say let’s give him a chance. p.s. if you want to really annoy him (or her, who knows these cyber-days) I suspect the best thing to do is just ignore him.

    • I assume,Grahamski, that you are a No voting unionist. SAD. Hope you get better soon.

  9. He shoots, he scores.

    First class Derek. :0)

  10. Murray McCallum

    I trust the UK delegation to China included the usual itinerary of apologising for past misdeeds?

  11. Derek ,personally , I have a lot of time for the working time directive and freedom of movement and I think we need to protect them. Imagine if a Govt was voted in who allowed workers to sign a contract ,with no set hours or even no agreed pay ? Imagine if a Govt got in and started shouting’ British jobs for British workers’ or a’ something for nothing culture? What next, a rally in a stadium where everyone chants ‘wan nashun ‘?
    Sadly our media has informed the public so well about the EU,that possibly the average person only relate it to bent bananas but what kind of furor would there be, if British people working in Europe, were treated to a van outside their door warning the neighbours about ‘all these immigrants?’
    When you live in a bubble though, where party and power come before people, it’s a slippery slope,unfortunately it catches a lot of debris on the road down

  12. Dearest Grahamski, taking responsibility for Scotland means supporting independence. It is the Unionist parties, the adherents of dependence, who have blocked a second question of more powers in the referendum, who are running scared of taking the very responsibility that independence, by its very definition,entails. Yours most respectfully.

    • Dearest Mr Muttley

      The reason there is one question on the ballot is down to those who chose to respond to the SNP’s consultation process the majority of whom rejected the second question option.

      Yours in respect and admiration…

      • Grahamski is correct. Westminster really wanted that second question, but Mrs. MacSporran from Brechin said she didn’t. That was that for the second question.
        I would nevet accuse Grahamski of trying to re-write history.

      • All together now
        Id like to teach the world to sing——-

  13. Murray McCallum

    To be fair to Gideon and his mates, this approach to the Chinese will make it easier for Chinese Renminbi currency traders to be based in, and travel to/from, the City of London. It also fits very nicely with the full on protection of bankers’ bonuses.

    This is way above the heads of Scots folk and they should not concern themselves with it all.

  14. Given the presence of the rancid mince that is Grahamski on here now Derek your blog must be broadcasting on the right frequency. I see he has opened his McTernan dictionary of anti Scottish words and sneers. It is of such stuff that the No To Scotland chaps are made. If you read the latest offering on the Better Together site from Captain Darling of Flipping House, that has been skewered and filleted expertly by that other wonderful blog Wings Over Scotland, you can see just how utterly pathetic and negative their hate filled rants have become.
    It comes as no surprise to see that other “big hitter” Lord Robertson at the Abertay University debate turn an audience in favour of NO into one overwhelmingly in favour of Yes. To stand in front of well educated young students and deploy the amount of lies and propaganda he did demonstrates a level of fear and hysteria that explains so much about there desperate flailing and negative screeching.

  15. Aw naw, no the Mcternan dictionary ! I remember that from school.
    Every Monday morning each pupil had to get up and spell backwards the most common words , like small, poor and stupit, oh and parochial, it was there as well. Do you remember having to construct a sentence with Every good boy deserves finance (and lots of it) and if you got it wrong you were threatened with having to sing Brian Wilson’s “words to inspire you” including the actions -kind of like the Birdie song.
    The big finale on a Friday afternoon though was when the teacher would get out The Michael Kelly foot tapping country dance book and the class would take off our shoes with gay abandon and leap round the gym hall, while the voice of Michael Kelly soared like a bird to Whams ‘wake me up before you go go – yeah , yeah, yeah’ oh I remember it well.
    Goodness , the young of today just don’t realise what they are missing!
    With all their Masters degrees and fancy qualifications , what could these European Immigrants teach us eh?

  16. No Grahamski not comedy , I thought as you like to rewrite history , I’d rewrite my history too , tales from my Marxist School in down town Falkirk.
    Anyway , the other suggestion being proposed by Theresa May regarding temporary legal immigrants (students) being obliged to contribute to the NHS to avoid health tourism, raises two other issues.
    1. Will more NHS beds ( in England ) have to be made available for the insured students , reducing the overall beds available
    2. Obviously in Europe you have your health card so again specifically who is she targeting? You could detect an undertone to all this , again playing to the ‘we’ re totally privatising your NHS but hey let’s blame that studenty mob over there . Funny because I would imagine overall that is an age group in fairly good health.

  17. Friends how can you dare to argue with the great Grahamski who proved during the last Holyrood election campaign what an astute political observer and analyst he was.

    The Better together campaign must be so glad that he has joined their ranks.

    Better Together, putting the dum into referendum!

  18. It’s not only history grahamski is re-writing, he’s been known to claim that the LIEBOOR party is in some way a socialist entity, rendition flights are a wonderful thing, the Iraq war was a success ( even for the million or so dead iraqis) and tony bliar is a stand-up sorta guy beloved by one and all

  19. I’m looking forward to Mr Bateman’s analysis of the BBC coverage of the SNP conference this weekend.

    Can he continue to believe there is not an institutional bias in that establishment organisation?

    Westminster political commentator on 24 hour news (didn’t catch his name) “braveheart nationalists”. Andrew Marr show, “braveheart” again. Andrew Marr show, Telegraph (?) journalist comment ” Salmond a rabble rouser”. These are only a couple of examples of which there are many. And have a look at the BBC blog on Salmond’s speech. Beyond the pale. Black ops? I suspect so.

  20. Derek, I now you read all the btl comments, so can I endorse what x_sticks has said about the BBC’s “coverage” of the SNP conference. What with talking over the key speech by Nicola Sturgeon, “Technical problems” at other times, on top of allowing Blair MacDougall to have two minutes trying to “dis” Alex Salmond (remind me, which political party is he representing?) when they have not allowed the DSNP to comment on any of the three conferences by Labour, Conservative, or LibDem when ALL three had continuous goes at AS or the SNP ot Independence. Not even Blair Jenkins got a chance to comment.

    Sorry, man, but I simply do not believe that there is a complete bias against the SNP and an Independent Scotland from senior managers at the BBC in Scotland / London.

  21. It looks like Derek has been nobbled, by the men in grey kilts. No blog for 5 days, not looking to clever is it? They probably found some way to threaten his pension and payoff. It is how that culture operates.

  22. Hen Broon, that’s what i’ve been wondering about as well, he did mention hearing rumours about legal action being taken against him remember,

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